All About Massage Therapy Insurance

By Janette Lindz

Do you have an aching back or muscles that have always felt excruciatingly painful for one reason or another? If you have aches and pains that are more than just the result of the usual work stress then you might want to go for a little massage therapy. As with most therapeutic techniques, you probably want to know if you can take advantage of massage therapy insurance.

Massage Therapy Insurance

Most people want massage therapy to be covered by massage therapy insurance and it only seems right. Numerous research studies have shown that massage therapy truly can provide health benefits for various muscular conditions. Various massage techniques can help relieve pain, promote healing of some conditions and improve the general well being of individuals.

It is probably due to the great demand for massage therapy insurance that many insurance companies now provide coverage for massage therapy. There are of course, differences in coverage depending on your insurance company. Your insurance company may have coverage rules that include the kind of therapy, the number of sessions and the expertise of your therapist. Depending on the results of the evaluation, your massage therapy insurance may cover part or all of your expenses.

In any case, if your insurance company does have massage therapy insurance, you would have to provide clear documentation of your therapy needs and sessions. A doctor’s prescription is necessary as well as a detailed description of what kind of therapy you need, how often you need it and the progress of your sessions.

Insurance Billing

A few years back, there were several massage clinics that offered assistance with massage therapy papers and billings. This added convenience made sense then because patients would definitely want to return to therapists who could handle everything including the hassles of insurance billing. These days though, more and more therapists are drawing away from the task of insurance billing for a number of reasons.

One reason would be some clinic’s lack of employees to process the insurance papers. Not only do they have to juggle busy schedules but they also need to brush up on insurance policies and codes, fill up various forms and process billing requests with companies. Sometimes they would have to wait for a few days or weeks before receiving a response from an insurance company.

There are also cases wherein the request for payment is denied or only given minimal compensation for the task. In this case, they would have to go right back to the client to explain why there are problems with billing. This is a lot of hassle and some therapists simply do not feel that it is worth it.

Processing Insurance Yourself

You would be lucky if you got hold of an affordable therapist who will also offer to do all the dirty work related to massage therapy insurance billing. In some cases though, you would have to do the work yourself. Although massage therapy insurance is something that should definitely be widely provided in the future, you would have to content yourself with the hassles of the present system.

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