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By Kunal Wadhwani

The options available with an individual while taking a health insurance is many and beyond the reach of one person to know and research all. Even if it were possible, it is still difficult to make a judicious decision between choosing one kind of health insurance over another and choosing the most affordable health insurance plan.

There are several ways by which an individual can enroll for a health insurance plan and thus take care of its medical expenses. He/she can go for the insurance plan made available by the government i.e. the Medicare or the Medicaid. However in order to be eligible for these the individual must fulfill certain terms and conditions. If one fails to fulfill these then the individual need not worry. It can go in for affordable health insurance plans offered by the private insurance firm. Another benefit for going for a private sector is that it offers you certain additional advantages and also guarantees more security.

Another option if you are looking for an affordable health insurance plan would be if you opt for a group insurance. Mainly organizations in plan of taking health insurance for their employees or NGO go for group insurance plans, to safeguard their employees. A group health insurance plan is not a good choice if you are concerned for covering the expenses of an individual as it may not cover all the benefits.

One of the drawbacks of it could be that it provides no coverage for the expenses emanating from the health related issue’s of the member’s family members or even the spouse and the kids. Everyone cares for his/her loved ones and family members and therefore various insurance provider firms have a family health insurance plan on their palette of offerings. The cost of it only a triple more than that of an individual insurance and covers only those family members of an individual which he names in the contract.

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