Don't Be Mislead by'Instant Quote' LTC Insurance Website

By Neil Gholson

What is the deal with the instant LTC insurance quotes that are all over the net. Lets take a closer.

There are many selections on how we search for info today. Not only do we have resource libraries, and media viewpoints, but we now have the greatest source of all. A completely unlimited resource that doesn’t care about politics, or media opinions, or the flavor of the day. It is the information road, the internet! With the likes of search engines like Google, and Yahoo at our awfully finger tips it’s totally simply to do a fast search on virtually any topic in question. Unfortunately, like the forebears before the Net, some things can be manipulated to fool the average buyer. Let’s take a basic search for Long Term Care Insurance. Oh my, millions and millions of hits, now what?? Well as purchasers, we think all we need is a price and then just pick the best one, infrequently possibly, but not in the case of long term care insurance. One price does not fit every American’s investigation on the internet search engines.For example, let’s assume we’ve got a married couple in their late 50’s in fairly good health. They eat right and take care of themselves physically. Simple right, any product for long term Care Insurance, not really. There are way to many variables. There’s absolutely no way this couple could get a fair and honest shake from a site that guarantees an instant quote.

There are always three basic drivers of a long term care insurance plan that determines what company, product, and size of plan one needs, health, age and finances.

Health decides the best company to utilize, age determines what product is best suited for you, and finances determines size of plans you can nicely afford. Instant long term care insurance quotes websites may be ready to go thru a short list of health questions about a site to work out if you are even remotely eligible, but that’s’s it.

Then there are medications, doses , outstanding surgeries, and other controlled conditions that might make a difference to an insurance company.

Age is straightforward enough, but some carriers offer better rates at certain ages than others.

Finances are a particularly unlikely topic to inadvertently display for who knows who, so that is’s out too.

Now, I’m sure this is beginning to make complete sense. Only if I had never taken any medicines, known exactly what company and plan I will afford, then I could potentially get an immediate Quote from the internet.

The bottom line, you want an expert in this field to make suggestions about your future needs. Your stock broker, fiscal planner, tax accountant, counsel know little more about long term care insurance, apart from they know you need it. That is still more than these instant long term care insurance quotes websites. Ask an expert that makes a speciality of long term care insurance and represents many companies. They are out there, don’t trust the protection of your assets and selections in your care to anybody other than a real expert. Some sites are good, and your name goes to an approved agent in your state who is an expert in long term care insurance, as well as partnerships, LTCi tax laws and other local situations. Get as much information as practical so you can make an educated decision on your long term care insurance plan.

A lot of these sites will give you low quotes to get you signed up and in the door, but just wait for your first real quote from them. Talk about sticker shock! All you would have acheived is elevated blood pressure and a waste of time. Something this is important is worth doing right the 1st time around.

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