Exclusive Tourist Health Insurance Plan For The USA

By Ray Sondeo

Every year, the United States of America draws the largest number of foreign tourists to its soil. It remains one of the primary destinations that are regularly preferred for pleasure trips, business trips and pursuit of higher education. The rapid development of the travel and tourism sector has ensured a steady increase in the flow of tourists in America.

Health and medication remains the primary priority of every overseas traveler in a foreign country. The insurance for tourist offer total medical coverage, catering to the needs of travelers in health crises. Patriot America offers such an extensive medical insurance plan for foreign travelers embarking on brief trips in America.

Standard health plans (home country plans) lose their efficacy outside domestic boundaries. Patriot America?s comprehensive coverage allows overseas travelers to undertake tours without worrying about medical coverage. This insurance policy is only applicable to non-U.S citizens traveling overseas for a period of 5days to 2 years. An initial purchase of the policy for at least three months would enable the policyholder to renew it till 2 years without a break in coverage..

Regular health insurance plans subscribed in one?s home country looses their efficiency outside domestic boundaries. The detailed insurance policy of Patriot America enables tourists to travel America without anxieties about health and coverage limits. The policy subscription is open only to non-U.S overseas travelers for tenure of 5 days to 2 years. A primary purchase of policy valid for at least 3 months would offer renewal options till 2 years without a break in coverage.

Patriot America is set up for direct billing at the discretion of the provider. This ensures that the tourist need not be compelled to arrange for immediate cash during a medical urgency. It provides emergency life support services and comprehensive accident room coverage. The insurance for tourist policy defrays the expenses incurred during emergency treatments like blood transfusions and anesthetic charges.

Patriot America arranges for post medication short-term rehabilitation, if prescribed. Patriot America also offers optional additional coverage for hazardous sports activities for adventure sports enthusiasts.

It reimburses the expenditures incurred during necessitated emergency operations like saline administrations and blood transfusions. It also offers financial coverage during extraordinary circumstances like terrorist attacks, curfews and riots. Patriot America also takes responsibility for medical evacuation and repatriation of remains, when necessary.

Patriot America offers exclusive customer defined plans that caters to the particular orientations of its policyholders. For example, it provides optional supplementary insurance coverage for adventure sport aficionados who engage in hazardous sports. Each of these distinct advantages, plus many more make Patriot America the policy of choice for thousands of tourists America welcomes every year.

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