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This article is about other things you can do to get better rates. Also take note of the precaution you are advised to take as you apply these tips…

1. Believe it or not, your driving culture can affect your health insurance rates negatively. Rough driving charges and other traffic violations can effectively add to your health insurance premium. This is because you will make yourself a bigger risk to your health insurance provider.

You’ll lower your costs if you cultivate a the right attitude behind wheels. If you use a sports car or super bike, you’ll likely pay a huge sum for health insurance. The plain reason remains that you raise the chances that you will make claims soon.

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2. A very affordable rate is good but it’s advised that you don’t become blinded by focusing on it. You want a cheap rate that also offers the right value. And, shopping right is the key to landing the best price to value ratio. But be ready to pay slightly more if necessary to get adequate coverage.

3. If you’re married you could health insurance spend by being on one policy. You have to go through your options though to determine which gets you more savings.

This is because in a number of situations it’s more profitable to be on separate plans and in certain cases it saves more to be on the same plan.

4. Your co-pay can be more than your drug cost in few cases. In some cases, it is more advisable for you to pay for a prescription without using your insurance. Find out which is applicable in each situation and do what saves you more.

Check and compare before you use your insurance.

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5. A healthy lifestyle will attract lower rates. If you can avoid taking junk food you will save over time. Try to cut off cholesterol, fats and high carb from your diet and you will not only spend less but also enjoy a healthier life.

You’ll also help your health and rate by going on regular exercise.

6. The greater number of health insurance plans give approximately two free medical check ups.

Why does this bring about savings?

Treating a disease at its early stage is a lot cheaper than doing so when it is already full-blown. It costs your insurer less to do this than to treat diseases when they are malignant..

Your health insurance provider in return gives you more affordable rates over time because you took active steps to reduce their risk.

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7. Some individuals are not poor enough to be eligible for plans for low-income earners and as well have financial constraints that make standard health insurance very difficult to afford. In case this defines you, then you can reduce your budget for health care by getting a discount medical card.

This type of card lets you use a network of doctors who are contracted to provide their services at lower rates to all card carriers. Such cards are not given by any health insurance company.

It is also a great option for those with a pre-existing ailment that will disqualify them from most health insurance carriers or make them pay very exorbitant rates. No one is declined for any reason. Simply pay your monthly fees and you’ll use a network of health care providers who will charge you less for their services.
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