How the Jack Lalanne Diet Can Boost Your Health

By Paul Taylor

Jack Lalanne is thought by many to be the fitness guru of modern and old times. At 93, he is going strong like an eighteen year old boy. He is so physically and mentally fit that people find themselves being in envy of his lifestyle. There have been many copies of his style, fitness regime and technique but not many have met with success.

Jack Lalanne is someone whom has been concerned about his fitness for many years. He sticks to his regime of working out for two hours every morning. He consumes high doses of vitamins and eats a diet that contains high levels of enzymes and nutrients. He is particularly against white sugar and feels everybody should give this up. He has also given up chicken and red meats and consumes more soya protein.

Much of the protein in his diet comes from egg whites, and sometimes fish. Fish is believed to be the best source of protein as well as important essential fatty acids.

At a very young age Jack was addicted to sugar and junk food but soon gave them up. After the age of around fifteen he turned his focus onto health clubs and dieting. He does not promote any of these low carbohydrate diets but he does recommend including natural grains like rice or whole wheat.

He advises to eat at least ten pieces of fresh, raw vegetables a day. The reason for this is that fresh vegetables contain high concentrations of important vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, iron and calcium.

Deserts which are high in sugar and calories should be stopped at any cost and Jack has not consumed desert for almost seventy five years. Lalanne advises altering your dietary habits to include more fresh foods in place of junk foods. Drinks like colas should give way to healthier fruit juices. The intake of processed products should be gradually lessened and more fish and raw vegetables should be eaten.

Foods that contain high levels f fat and oil should be avoided as they are a common cause of obesity. Dairy products like butter and cheese are an example of this as they can lead to a build up of fatty tissue. Water is very healthy and it is advised to drink about six to seven glasses a day.

Jack Lalanne is often considered super human and has broken many world records. If you take it seriously, following all or part of his plan can do wonders for your health and life.

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