Medical surgical nurse interview preparation

Medical surgical nurse interview preparation

Below is interview preparation checklist for Medical surgical nurse interview. You also ref more job interview materials such as: Medical surgical nurse interview answers, types of interview questions, Medical surgical nurse interview thank letter samples, interview checklist …at the end of this post or sidebar.

Job interview checklist

1. Employer research

Bring any notes on your research of the position and company.

2. Portfolio and work samples

Bring a few samples that demonstrate your best work and abilities.

3. Letters of recommendation and reference list

Have these available if requested by the employer.

4. Notebook and pen
Use to jot down key points you’d like to address in a follow-up note or phone call.


Have key questions prepared to ask that express your interest in the position.

6. Resume, application, and personal data sheet

Use these as references during your interview or to fill out any required paperwork.

7. Social security card, driver’s license, or state picture identification

For jobs that require it, you may be asked to show your license, driving record, social security card, or other forms of ID.

8. Extra money

Be prepared for unexpected expenses, like gas, transportation, or parking.

9. Confidence and a smile

Interviews can be stressful. Try to relax as much as possible, appear confident, and smile!

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