Patriot Go Travel-Comprehensive Visitor Health Insurance Plan

By Ray Sondeo

Travelers need to be assured of their medical security while they are traveling to a foreign country. One of the chief concerns for an international traveler of any nationality is personal health and medication. Securing prompt and effective medical attention in a foreign country can be an extremely difficult and expensive affair. This is precisely why the discerning overseas traveler requires the uninterrupted security of a comprehensive medical insurance policy.

Patriot Go Travel offers an exceptionally comprehensive traveler insurance policy for foreign travelers. It could be subscribed by foreign citizens traveling to the United States of America for a designated amount of time. The Visitor Insurance covers all medical and ancillary expenditures necessitated by accidental injuries or sudden illnesses while on a foreign trip.

Patriot Go Travel health insurance for visitors could be purchased anytime before or even after setting off for travel, as per one?s discretion. A purchase of the policy valid for a minimum period of 3 months would enable the policyholder to renew it for 2 years, without discontinuity in coverage. The policy ensures that the visiting traveler is not inconvenienced even when faced by a medical crisis.

Patriot Go Visitor Insurance reimburses necessary eligible charges (up to the stipulated policy maximum) for hospitalization, nursing and physician?s consultation. The policy cover also arranges for ambulances, prescribed intensive care units and life support apparatus, if required. Emergency medical administrations of insulin and particular pharmaceuticals are also facilitated by the insurance cover.

Visitor insurance policies reimburse all valid expenditures for primary and secondary medical services in accordance to the designated policy maximum. Its exhaustive coverage list ensures that all medical expenditures incurred on the foreign trip are duly reimbursed.

Patriot Go Travel America allows the policyholder a unique flexibility to secure medical services from personally preferred providers. Its expensive network secures the best professional medical expertise for the policyholder from numerous eminently respected institutions. Both in and out patients are offered urgent emergency room and intensive care facilities when prescribed.

The visitors insurance also assumes the responsibility of arranging necessary post medical rehabilitation, as prescribed. Medical transport and prompt allocation of medical resources is also an important service offered by the policy. The insurance policy pays a predetermined coverage amount during unforeseen events like terrorist attacks, accidental injury or loss of identity or theft. A particular financial amount is also offered to the policyholder/ his family in cases of accidental death/ disfigurement/ irreparable physical injury.

The Visitor Insurance policy reimburses expenses incurred while securing emergency services like pharmaceutical and insulin administrations while on trip. Conditional policy coverage is also conditionally provided for injuries and accidental health complications caused by terrorist activities. A comprehensive financial amount is furnished to the policyholder/his family for cases of disfigurement/ accidental mutilation/ organ degeneration and termination of life. These extremely vital services offered by the exhaustive policy of Patriot Go justify the importance and necessity of an insurance policy for overseas travel.

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