Short Term Medical Insurance Is Temporary Coverage

By Clarissa Winegarten

Medical insurance is a must for everyone. The market is full of insurance service providers with various plans to attract people. The choice will have to be made based on the usefulness of a particular insurance policy. To reach a decision in this matter, you must be aware of the conditions and advantages of a plan and understand the limitations thereof.

Just because an insurance plan is cheap, doesn’t mean it will attract a lot of buyers. This kind of insurance is most useful in some situations. Since the short term insurance itself says short, it essentially means it will only last for a short period of time from a minimum of one month to about six months.

On the whole it is very similar to the regular insurance plan. You will get the same insurance card and along with it we are also given the limitations about various treatments and types. These advantages entice the niche category of students and unemployed people or those with temporary job. Also this is very nice for those who keep traveling a lot due to the nature of the job.

Some ordinary persons also take up the short term medical insurance policies for the cost advantage only as a cheaper mode of health insurance. On the whole, the short term insurance is able to offer coverage for accidents and ailments for a definite period of time not exceeding one year.

The major difference of this policy with the longer one is in the coverage of treatment of ailments that existed before the insurance was taken. The short term insurance does not cover the costs of regular check ups which the long term does.

In spite of having all these limitations, short term medical insurance is preferred by many people all over the country to be covered during unfortunate conditions and their treatments. The most common people who are benefited by this are students, retired people and unemployed workers.

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