Understanding Small Business Group Health Insurance

By Caressa Waechter

It’s not difficult to find small business group health insurance, but it can be rather difficult to decide what type of plan you want for your employees.

Whether you are an employer trying to find group health, or you are an employee that is trying to find out how you can get your group of coworkers together to afford a group health plan, you can find quotes on the Internet.

There are several things you are going to want to know in order to get a group plan. First of all, you don’t have to worry about one person in the group with a health condition turning the group down. It’s against the law, so as a group you can get insurance no matter if one person has been turned down before.

Your state will determine what is covered and what is not covered on a group plan, so go to your state’s insurance commission website and find out what is covered. This is all predetermined by your state insurance laws and usually can’t be changed, so at least you don’t have to make these decisions.

You will have to decide whether you’re going with an HMO, PPO, or a POS plan.

The PPO is the preferred provider organization, a bit costlier than the HMO plan, but adds a bit of flexibility. An HMO is a health maintenance organization plan, affordable but there is not much flexibility, you must stay within your network of providers.

A point of service plan is the POS group health plan, you choose your doctor, but can still go outside of the preferred provider if you need to, it just costs you more.

So the group or the employer needs to decide the group plan, and your state insurance commission will be able to tell you what is covered under your group health insurance plan.

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