What it is Medicare Part D and How Does it Relates to My Supplements?

By Richard Cantu

If you have worked over 40 quarters in the US and are 65 are older you are typically eligible for Medicare insurance. You can also qualify with less than 40 quarters but will likely have to paye more. Also, people who are disabled and have been receiving social security benefits for 2 or more years can qualify for the program. It is not designed to cover all costs but does pick up most of your medical expenses. If youre on Medicare it is likely that you also live on a fixed income and there is much better peace of mind when youre confident your medical expenses will be covered.

Medicare supplement plans are designed to help cover extra medical costs not typically covered by parts A & B. Medicare coverage currently has 4 parts. Part A is hospital and inpatient care, Part B is outpatient doctor and testing care, Part C is the Medicare Advantage Plan, and Part D is prescription drug coverage. Parts A and B are the original Medicare parts ” inpatient and outpatient medical expense coverage provided by Medicare.

Part C is privatized Medicare that can offer more benefits than the original Medicare. It essentially replaces Medicare and is provided through private insurance companies, unlike supplements which work WITH Medicare coverage. There can be some drawbacks, though, to receiving coverage through a Medicare Advantage plan.

As stated above, Part D covers prescription drug costs for those who choose this coverage. Anyone living on a fixed income with chronic health issues can understand the expense of prescriptions, and not all of them are covered by Part A and B, which is what all Medicare plans are comprised of.

Only certain drugs (often only when administered in a clinical setting) are covered by parts A & B. You will likely still be out some money for deductibles and coinsurance unless you have a Medicare supplement policy (also known as Medigap).

Medicare supplemental plans no longer offer prescription coverage. Take the time to consider this because all of your medical expenses should be affordable, not just hospital and doctor costs. Your prescriptions at this point could be critical and you might not be able to live without them.

Find a supplement plan that will cover them or get Part D coverage if they are eligible for that. If you have questions, ask your insurance company or doctor about which drugs are covered so that you arent prescribed medication that you cannot afford.

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