An Introduction To Health Plans For College Students

By Clarissa Winegarten

Many people don’t know exactly what a student health insurance plan exactly is. No one has a proper understanding of what this plan includes and benefits of it. With insurance policies for children expiring as soon as they become adults, students are surely vulnerable if they don’t have a student health insurance.

College insurance policies can be accessed through your children’s colleges. This is advisable since your child though now a teenager still does not earn any income and continues to be vulnerable to all sorts of infections, could be susceptible to accidents and therefore some coverage is required. Care has to be taken to choose the correct one.

Different colleges have different student medical health insurance policies and most of the time these insurances are free. This attracts and catches the attention of the students and they forget the basic fact that this type of insurance only covers regular health check up costs only and don’t even cover the tests or diagnostic costs for the disease. So this should be kept in mind.

All your visits to the campus clinic or hospital stays within campus are fully covered but any consultations with outside specialists or admissions in other hospitals are not included entirely. In the latter case the student may have to pay a percentage of the costs. This is a point to be noted.

Students, who are unfortunate to have a disease already before entering the college must be cautious about their condition, which may not be covered under the college student health insurance plans. They can receive the treatment in the campus center but the treatment of the original disease may not be provided under the insurance plans.

So it is very important that the various student health insurance policies must be studied properly before a student chooses which insurance to go with. Since these doesn’t cost much, price should not be main factor but the cost of treatment must be the real issue in choosing the health insurance plan for student.

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