Senior Home Care Services Allow Families Freedom To Love Alzheimer's Patients

By Jen Pursens

It is a situation that no family wants to find themselves in. A beloved parent or grandparent has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and can no longer live and function well on their own. This mysterious ailment, that affects approximately 5 million Americans, is often misunderstood. It is sometimes referred to colloquially as “Old Timer’s,” although oddly enough, it is not caused by advanced age.

While it is true that doctors do not know exactly what causes this form of dementia, an Alzheimer’s patient has decreasing mental capacity that affects language, memory, and thought. There are three genes that have been isolated that seem to have a connection to Alzheimer’s, but doctors are uncertain why some with one of the genes develop the disease and others do not. It remains a medical mystery.

There are several treatments available for Alzheimer’s disease. There are cognitive therapies that help with memory and cognitive functioning, medications that help dementia, and anti-inflammatory medicines that reduce plaque in the brain which is thought to play a part in the cause of Alzheimer’s. Difficult decisions must be made by family members with the disease as to their care and well-being. A family member could attempt the difficult and often heart wrenching care on their own, the patient could be moved to a long term nursing care facility, or the family could choose home care services.

Many loved ones of Alzheimer’s patients are often dissatisfied with the first two of these options. Attempting to care for an Alzheimer’s patient is not only taxing emotionally and physically, but is often almost impossible for individuals that work. Caring for an Alzheimer’s patient is often a full time job, depending on the severity and stage of this debilitating and consuming mental illness. A nursing care facility often feels like a cop out, and often family members struggle with the thought that their parent or grandparent has been abandoned.

Many families of those afflicted have found great comfort and peace in home care services. The loved one can either remain in the comfort and peace of their own, or a caretaker’s home without the worry of allowing them to remain on their own, or guilt at leaving them in a facility.

Home care services are often a godsend for busy and concerned family members of an Alzheimer’s patient. Nurses are available often around the clock to provide medication, personal care, and supervision for intermediate and advanced patients. The home care services make it possible to love and be there for a parent or grandparent and continue a normal and productive life.

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