You?re Life Insurance Rights

By Graham McKenzie

You will want to understand how your life insurance rights will affect you and your family. You should do this before you purchase a life insurance program to make sure that you find a program that will fit your needs. You will need to remember that changing a program to work for you is harder than finding a program.

Your rights may change depending on what type of life insurance you get. First there is whole life insurance which is the most known type of life insurance. This life insurance provides a monthly rate of money for your beneficiaries after you die. Term life insurance is less expensive but lasts only for a set period of time.

In both cases you will be entitled to what is known as a free look period. This is a law in every state that the companies are required to give you a time period between 10 and 30 days to review the policy. The actual time period will vary from state to state however some states require that a notice of the law is actually given to you with your policy. If you decide that you don?t want to continue the policy after the time period all you will have to do is have a written statement and hand them the statement with the policy. They will refund your payment and the policy will become a voided policy.

This free look period is especially important if you?re a busy person or just don?t understand all of the fine print. While life insurance policies are supposed to be easy to read they may not be and you may have to take your policy to your lawyer to have him decode it for you. You should also note that the free look period changes based on what state you?re in. While some states offer 30 days some only offer 10. Make sure that you mark this number down so that you don?t forget to cancel your policy if you decide not to stick with it.

When you?re debating about what type of life insurance to choose you should remember that it will be harder for you to get life insurance down the road. This means that you will want to consider term life insurance very carefully if you decide to go with it as it will expire in your later years and you may have problems getting another policy. As people become older they become a higher risk for a life insurance company because they are not expected to live as long and therefore not pay the company as much as other people would. For this reason it may be better to have whole life insurance which will never expire. You should also try to set up a payment plan for your life insurance plan that will allow your family to get a lump payment at the start to pay for immediate expenses and then smaller payments after that until the money on the policy is depleted.

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